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The care and love of knitting and crocheting are combined into a prayerful ministry that reaches out to those undergoing medical treatment, recovering from illness, newborn babies and anyone else who is known to have a special need for prayer.  Individuals come together to work on their projects and for fellowship.  We invite you to join us no matter what your level of expertise is.



There are many ways you can be involved in the Prayer Shawl Ministry. 


1.  Join Up:  Meetings are every other Tuesday at 6pm.  All levels of expertise are welcome, as more experienced needlers are available to offer tips to help you improve your technique.  If you’ve never learned to knot or crochet but always wanted to, this is a golden opportunity, since instructors are on hand.

2.  Work at home:  If you enjoy knitting or crocheting but can’t or don’t want to come to meetings, we can still use your hands.  We’ll supply patterns  & yarn, and you can work whenever and wherever you like.

3. Donate supplies:  We are always in need of washable yarn, gift bags and tissue paper.

4. Donate money:  We’ll even do the shopping for you if you don’t have yarn on hand yet want to contribute.  Write a check to Newburgh UMC and mark it “prayer shawl ministry”.

5.  Keep us informed:  If you know of someone who could benefit from being wrapped in prayer, let us know.

6.  Pray:  Lift up in prayer those knitters or crocheters who are working and praying for others.

7.  Distribute shawls:  Help deliver shawls/blankets to those in need.  So you’re not crafty, you say?  Well, this is one of the best parts of the ministry and you can still be involved because this requires no craftiness!




           Over the years, our group keeps evolving as numerous ladies come and go – but I have been around since the beginning and I can tell you, it is always a fun-loving, caring, Christ-centered group.  They have always been very accepting of newcomers and somehow we just all get along and enjoy each other’s company.

          It’s amazing how God puts together a group of ladies from all different backgrounds - with a common love of knitting and crochet - with a common goal of sharing God’s love with their talents – it’s just awesome!

          This group has been a huge blessing to me!  Sometimes, it’s like a therapy session or a support group.  We all encourage each other, celebrate with each other, pray for each other, share our life experiences, etc.

         -Angie B.

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