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Sunday August 8 3:00 - 5:0o pm

1. It will be FUN! (Sometimes this type of event is called a Car Rally!)

2. Seriously… super fun. Even the losers will have a blast! This will be a memory-maker for sure… those who miss out will be grieving their loss of enjoyment. :)  New and updated clues for this year!  More adventure!!

3. You’ll have 90 minutes to complete as many clues as you can—ranging from 100-500 points. All clues will be at outdoor locations.

4. You can begin your Adventure at 3pm… we’ll be waiting for you in the church parking lot. 

5. When you arrive, we will have you sign a safety agreement form,  we’ll hand you all the information you’ll need, read a few rules, and BOOM—your 90 minute Adventure begins. 


6. Teams can consist of any form of “family” you want to create. Just as long as everyone has a seatbelt and the driver is 24 or older with a valid driver’s license! No one is too old or too young to participate!


7.  You will be able to sign up through the church website:

Only teams that have signed up by August 7th will be able to participate.

8. There will be prizes!!  Not everyone will win but everyone will have fun!  AND there will be KONA ICE at the end for everyone!

Winners will be announced later that evening via Facebook!